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6th Middle East Regional Meeting

About Us

Middle East Regional Meeting is the biennial event of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) organized with the support of the Government of Nepal - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Middle East Regional Meeting is the mega event of NRNA, participated by NRNs from across the globe. Resident Nepalese. Friends of Nepal and high-profile personalities and dignitaries of Nepal. The 6th Middle East Regional Meeting which aims to bring together more than 500 participants fi-om Middle East and all over the world this year will be held in Grand Excelsior Hotel Bur Dubai, UAE on 23th- 25th August 2018.
The conference creates a huge platform the NRNA and Resident Nepalese to interact as well as build Strong networks and exchange ideas and experiences related to rehabilitation, business and other issues. The conference provides a unique opportunity to connect with the clientele of the Global Nepalese, exchange ideas and knowledge and to build brand awareness and showcase the business ideas/services and products to the NRNA and vice-versa.

Tentative Program Structure

23th August 2018
(Venue :- Grand Excelsior Hotel Bur Dubai )http://www.grandexcelsiorburdubai.com/
✓By 4 PM: Arrival Dubai, Final Registration/Attendance
✓6 PM – 9 PM: Regional Meeting (Close Session ) -
❖Participants: IES, OB, ICC Advisor, Members of Honorary Council / ICC Members of Middle east & Two Representatives from Each NCCs of Middle east.
❖Compulsory NCC Reporting 7 Minutes for Each NCC of Middle east. 
❖Discussion on ICC Bylaws, Policy & Procedure
✓9 PM : Dinner will serve to meeting participants & Guests.
24th August 2018
➢0730 – 0830: Attendance/Breakfast
➢0830-1100: Inauguration Ceremony
➢1100-1130: Presentation on Transferring skill, Knowledge, to Country: Skill Conference.
➢1130-1200: Presentation on Safe & Dignified foreign employment: NRNA & Government Partnership
➢1200-1230: Utilization of Remittance: Connect to Entrepreneurship
➢1230- 1330: Launch
➢1330 -1400: Sustainable NRNA in Middle East: Incorporate with Vision 2020
➢1400 -1430: Seminar, Women Session
➢1415-1500: Updates and interaction on ICC’s Major Projects: Heritage and Cultural Promotion in Arab / Ujjyalo Abhiyan/ Sindhuli Gadhi, NRN Head Quarter, NRNA Par
➢1500-1600: Discussion is NRNA Bylaws
➢1600-1615: Tea Break
➢1615-1730: Open discussion on common issues of Middle East. 
➢1830-1930: Closing ceremony, Announcement of UAE Declaration 2018 
2nd Day Programme - Saturday 25th August (Venue: - Grand Excelsior Hotel Bur Dubai )
➢1230-1430: Inter NRNA oratory competition.

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1. Registration Fees:

- ❖ Individual: US$ 100 per person (Each NCC Must Registered minimum 5 delegated excluding ICC dignitaries & Members).

❖ NCC’s Financial Contribution: $ 700 Compulsory for All NCCs of Middle East.

❖ Female Registration: Free for officially recommended female participants (in addition to minimum 5 Registration) by respective NCC, Participants must be Registered Member of respective NCC and Must Register at least 10 days prior to meeting Date.

❖ Requesting all NCCs to send number of participants by first week of August-18 and final list by 15th August 2018. 2. NCC UAE will facilitate for Hotel Reservation & visa (if require). GCC resident with approved professional can obtain arrival visa at Dubai International Airport Dubai. For Non-Approved professional NCC UAE will facilitate to issue visa if requested at least 10 working days prior with visa fee AED500.00/-


Contact person for UAE

Manoj Gorkhali: +971 56 4777 531 | Ramesh Shrestha: +971 54 3080 100
Netra Sharma: +971 55 4855 591 | Gopal Kandel: +971 56 176 1952
Shamer Yonjan: +971 55 120 2287

Contact person for Qatar

RK Sharma: +974-5586 4499 | Prabin Gurung: +974-50446655

Contact person for Qatar

Speedex Center, Office No106 | P.O. BOX 44537, Near Abu Baker Metro Station, Dubai, UAE


Any entities looking for the opportunity to become part of this biggest festival of NRNA and show case their businesses to a wider group of Global Nepalese, can be associated as the Sponsors of the event. The detailed information on sponsorship is elaborated below.
S. No.
Uae Dirham
Platinum Partner
20,000 AED
Event Partner
30,000 AED
Gold Partner
15,000 AED
Silver Partner
10,000 AED
Bronze Partner
5,000 AED